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12 Everyday Foods That Can Be Toxic (Even Fatal)

11. Nutmeg

Nutmeg has been used as a flavoring and preservative for thousands of years. It’s very widely used in many Asian cuisines and in Western cuisines is also common, especially in egg dishes and many desserts.

Despite it’s long history and common use, it’s not widely known that nutmeg is also a strong hallucinogenic. If used in even quite small amounts, it can produce effects that can be quite devastating. Just 0.2 oz can lead to convulsions and 0.3 oz is likely to cause seizures.

Eating one whole nutmeg can apparently cause a condition known as “Nutmeg Psychosis” which can lead to feelings of impending doom and suicidal tendencies.

Don’t take chances with nutmeg. If you use it then just add a small fraction of a teaspoon.

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11. Nutmeg

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