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No Time To Work Out? 10 Exercise Tips That Will Make You Think Again!

We all seem to be ultra busy these days don’t we?

It’s become almost obligatory that we have to fill every moment of our days with some sort of activity, be it our careers, family commitments or whatever, sometimes it seems that there’s just not enough time to fit everything it. When that happens we often start to put aside one vital part of our lives: getting enough exercise to keep our precious bodies fit and healthy.

If you can relate to this, then don’t despair, simply check out the following ten tips and you’ll be really surprised at how easy it can be to squeeze in more exercise each day – just by being a little bit more creative…

1.  Take The Stairs And Ignore The Elevator

If you have the option (and it’s not too much of a climb) then always aim to use the stairs rather than the elevator. Climbing stairs is an easy way to both keep the weight under control and improve general aerobic fitness. An average 185 pound male will burn up 180 calories in 15-20 minutes of stair climbing a day. And it’s not only climbing – walking downstairs also has a positive effect of muscle tone in the legs and hips.

If you work on something like the 20th floor, then consider climbing the stairs part way and using the elevator for the rest. Other easy tips:

  • Park on the top story of a parking lot and run up the stairs
  • When shopping in a multi story mall, take the stairs

Make stairs your friend and your body will love you for it!

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