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Hi, I’m Wendy, and my husband Richard and I would like to welcome you along to “The Tight Belly”.

If you’ve come along hoping to get some heart-wrenching story about a long and torturous journey from obesity to a new slim and elf like body, then you’re in for a big disappointment.

We decided to put together this blog simply to share stuff we find while looking around on the net that we think will be useful and/or interesting to those who are trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We don’t do warm and homely and are not at all interested in sharing our stories or imparting any homespun wisdom.

What you will find though are regular posts on the current thinking and advice around all things weight-lossĀ  and general health related. We’re not doctors or dietitians, so everything you read will come from other – qualified (possibly) – experts. We just share the best of what we can find.

So please: enjoy our site and hopefully learn something as well while you’re here, and please feel free to add your own thoughts to any of my posts or contact us directly if you have any suggestions or (constructive please) criticism.

Wendy & Richard

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