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12 Everyday Foods That Can Be Toxic (Even Fatal)

5. Almonds

This one definitely surprised me when I first read up about it. After all, I’ve been diligent about including almonds in my diet for years in order to benefit from their anti-oxidant and heart friendly qualities. The health benefits of almonds are also very well testified:

  • they contain significant quantities of healthy fats, along with fiber and protein
  • reduce blood sugar levels
  • lowering cholesterol
  • reduce hunger and promote weight loss

Almonds are regarded by most food aware people as being one of nature’s super foods (myself included). In fact they really are. What you need to be very careful about though are wild almonds.

Unlike the cultivated almonds that we all know and like, wild almonds can be a very dangerous food to toy with. The reason is that wild almonds contain cyanide – one of the most deadly poisons known and a favorite murderers tool in many detective novels. The amounts vary from region to region and sub-species to sub-species, but they all contain it to some degree.

So don’t take chances with your life. Stick to cultivated almonds and you’ll stay on the healthy track!

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5. Almonds

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