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6 Skin Health Issues That You Mustn’t Ignore

All of us end up getting damage done to our skin that results in cuts and lacerations. It’s just a part of life.

iamge: pixabay

Most of the time these wounds start to heal themselves quite quickly, although sometimes the damage can be severe enough to require surgical stitching or special dressings.

The skin is generally quite adept at healing itself, and you’ll normally see scabs starting to appear over a wound within 1-2 days (although as one gets older this period does extend).

Sometimes however, this normal healing doesn’t seem to start and this can be a definite sign of underlying health issues that need to be checked out by a doctor. Some potential reasons could include:

  • poor circulation
  • edema
  • bad diet
  • infection
  • additional trauma to the wound

So, if that cut just doesn’t seem to be healing itself, then don’t just keep on hoping things will improve, get it checked.

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Wounds That Won’t Heal

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