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12 Everyday Foods That Can Be Toxic (Even Fatal)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always believed that most of the fruit and vegetables I buy from my local shops are pretty safe to eat.

But would it surprise you to learn that a large number of the foods lurking in your regular food supply are in fact poisonous (even deadly)? Here’s a list of twelve common foods with hidden toxins that you really should know about. Discover how to keep your family and yourself safe by avoiding these potential dangers:

1. Potatoes

What! Potatoes can be dangerous?

Yes, despite being one of the most widely eaten foods in the entire world, the humble spud can be seriously toxic, to the point of fatality. They can contain large quantities of solanine, which can lead to poisoning.

Before you start throwing your potatoes away, it’s important to understand that serious solanine quantities tend to be found primarily in green potatoes. Properly ripened and in reasonable quantities, potatoes are still quite safe to eat.

Remember your mom telling you that you shouldn’t eat them green? Now you know why!

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