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12 Everyday Foods That Can Be Toxic (Even Fatal)

Do you like rhubarb? To be quite honest with you, I really loath the stuff.

I have grim memories from my childhood of my mother constantly serving up rhubarb based desserts (she loved it) and having to force it down, while my stomach became more and more cramped. So for me it’s “Rhubarb? No Thanks!”.

A lot of people do like it though and it seems to be a traditional food that’s starting to make a comeback into our cuisines (why I don’t know 🙁 ).

The rhubarb stalks themselves are said to be quite safe – although as I hinted at above, they can cause stomach discomfort in some people due to the high acid levels they contain. The leaves though are a totally different story. They contain a toxin called oxalic acid, which, among other things can lead to kidney stones. 11 pounds of rhubarb leaf can be fatal, but of course you’ll never eat that much. Smaller quantities though can still be dangerous.

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10. Rhubarb

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