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No Time To Work Out? 10 Exercise Tips That Will Make You Think Again!

10. Learn some quick and easy exercises

There’s a number of simple exercises you can learn that take up very little time and yet will help greatly with toning your body and keeping you fit and healthy if you try squeezing them frequently into spare moments in your day..

My two favorites are Jumping Jacks and Burpees:

Jumping Jacks

These are really quite easy to learn how to do. This video explains them very well:


They can be tough on the thighs when you first start, but just persevere and you’ll soon start to love them – honestly!

This is a useful video to learn how to do them safely and avoid any injuries (the presenter does talk quite fast):


Hopefully you’ll find something in these 10 tips that you feel will be useful to you.

Largely it’s about being a little bit more creative with your time and just developing the right attitude to be able to put in the required effort while you can. As with most things in life, ultimately it’s all up to you.

Good luck!


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learn some quick and easy exercises

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