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This Bet Paid Off: No Cheat Meals, No Eating Out, No Alcohol. A Year Later And This Is What They Look Like

43. Inspiring Couples

Lexi and Danny aren’t the only couples who were inspired to make a huge lifestyle change together. Another great example is with Lauren and Justin Shelton. Each had serious medical issues but the biggest wake up call was when Justin, who weighed 592 pounds, was too heavy to go on the imaging machinery while he was suffering a kidney infection. His wife, at her heaviest, weighed 341 pounds.

They began to turn their lifestyle around in 2012 when they signed up for a program at a medical school in the area. Their workout routine began with simple things like going for walks. As things improved, they signed up for a gym together and began working out five to six times a week. They also tracked their food consumption with an app. By October 2013, they had lost a combined 538 pounds!

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