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Weight Loss In Pregnancy – What You Need To Know

3. Exercise At Least 30 Minutes Each Day

The accepted thinking used to be that exercise was harmful for pregnant women and their babies. Many women still think this to be the case. However, general medical opinion now holds that exercise during pregnancy is not only beneficial, but necessary.

this 25 minute prenatal workout requires no equipment and really does the job:

All exercises however are not safe during pregnancy. There are some that should be avoided, while others are very helpful. So if weight loss in pregnancy is important to you, then here are a some exercises you should avoid and others you can use:


  • Contact sports – fairly obvious really
  • Exercising on the back. Lying on your back for short periods is fine, but as the uterus becomes heavier, it can cut off circulation to the legs and feet and to the baby
  • Bouncing or jarring activity. Joints become looser during pregnancy, and exercise that involves heavy joint impact can be harmful
  • Any activity likely to result in a fall such as cycling, horse riding etc. The risks far outweigh the benefits
  • Exercise done in the heat. Excess heat while exercising during pregnancy can be harmful
  • Any exercise carried to the point of exhaustion. This can result in restricted blood flow in the body with potential harmful effects on the baby

OK To Do

  • Swimming
  • prenatal yoga
  • walking
  • Jogging (gentle only)
  • Gardening

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